Traffic App Management Portal – the Door to Many Opportunities

Traffic App Management Portal – the Door to Many Opportunities

Published on: 22-10-2014 | by Misty in Traffic App, Traffic Management Software, Mobile Workforce, Paperless Forms, Mobile Forms

The Traffic App has many amazing features and all of these features are designed to make life easier for you and your traffic management agency. After all, such a task is not simple, nor easy. Managing the mobile workforce alone requires a lot of time, as well as resources, just to make sure that you are keeping a constant eye on your personnel. For instance, how do you make sure that your men are doing what they are supposed to do and are not slacking off?

The feature that will address these concerns will be the Management Portal. Through the portal, you will be able to keep a close eye and monitor the activities of your field personnel. Aside from that, the portal also opens a myriad of opportunities for your traffic management agency.

Opportunities Opened by the Traffic Management Mobile App

More than just a tool to improve traffic management processes, the Traffic App can also be useful to you in the following applications:

Client relations
Traffic management agencies report directly to the government. Now, it is easy to make these reports available to the necessary parties through the Management Portal of the Traffic Management Software. What you do is just add the third parties that receive the report to the Portal and assign them certain access rights so they can review the reports right there on their mobile phones or computers.

Material requisition
Traffic management agencies oversee traffic control systems, and thus they may need to keep an inventory so that they can make the necessary material requisition requests. This Traffic App allows you to create paperless forms and tasks for inventory purposes, and these mobile forms will give your management team the capability to update the inventory accordingly. You can simply give suppliers access to your inventory lists when making requests so that they can easily identify the materials that your agency needs.

Overall reporting
Last but not the least, overall reporting capabilities are improved with the help of the app’s Management Portal. The Portal becomes a repository of important information, such as field reports, requisitions, images, and tags. Everything that you need there would just require a search, and you can find it easily in the Portal. That’s what makes this feature really handy with the Traffic App.

Grab These Opportunities for Your Agency

The Traffic App represents a good opportunity for your traffic agency. It allows you to set up a very effective model that efficiently addresses in-house reporting, as well as client relationships, material requisitions, and database management.

Learn more about this revolutionary new technology that you can implement in your traffic management agency. Take our tour today!

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